OpenGov Online Permitting

On Monday, March 7, 2022, Talbot County will transition to a new permit system: OpenGov

This new permit system enables online applications for all permits administered by the Office of Planning & Zoning. Check payments are no longer necessary. First time users need to create an account to log in and use the system. Registering your account for the first time and learning how to use the online portal takes only a few minutes.

Get started by logging into the OpenGov Online Permitting portal. 

 “OpenGov Online Permitting 

The Planning and Zoning Office will accept land development applications through the portal, including site plans, subdivisions, special exceptions, and variances.

The Department’s online permitting portal simplifies the permitting process, improves customer experience and reduces the need for in-person visits. The paperless application system offers remote application submission with online payment options, 24/7 direct access to track the progress of applications, schedule inspections, upload post-submission documents, and communicate with staff. In addition, updates can be received on permits and other requests after they are submitted. Permits are also issued digitally.


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