Eviction Unit

The Talbot County Sheriff's Office receives thousands of writs of restitution from the Talbot County District Court each year. Many of these writs are resolved by the parties prior to an eviction being carried out by the Sheriff's Office.

In order to provide you with efficient and prompt services, the Sheriff's Office has prepared the following guidelines related to the scheduling and execution of a writ. Emergency or unusual situations may require the modification of these services or cancellation of a scheduled eviction. Please feel free to provide any suggestions that you have to improve these services.

To facilitate the execution of a writ of restitution, please follow the guidelines listed below:

Once you have filed for a Writ of Restitution

A writ must be signed by a District Court Judge and sent from the District Court Clerks Office to the Sheriff's Office. Once a writ arrives in the Sheriff's Office, it is entered into our computer system and sent to the Eviction Section. In order for an eviction to proceed, the Plaintiff must call the Eviction Section and request that an eviction date be scheduled. Please have the District Court case number available when calling.

You will be contacted by our office to schedule the eviction.

An eviction date cannot be scheduled until the Eviction Section has received the writ.

A writ of restitution expires 60 days from the date of the Judge's signature. Call and schedule an eviction as soon as possible. If your eviction cannot be scheduled before the expiration date, you must have the District Court reissue the writ.


Eviction dates are scheduled on a first come, first served basis and are usually set within two or three weeks of the request.

An eviction will be scheduled for 11:00 AM or 1:00 PM Monday through Friday.
Plaintiff's Responsibility
On the date of an eviction the Plaintiff or authorized representative must be present at the property, at the scheduled time, with the appropriate keys to gain entry, and should provide:

  • A moving crew of sufficient size and any necessary moving equipment.
  • A person who can defeat the locks may be needed in order to gain entry.
  • A truck or means to get tenant's personal property to the nearest public right of way.
  • Tools in case something has to be disassembled before it can be removed.
  • Plastic bags for clothing and other small items.

Unavailability of sufficient or timely resources may result in the eviction being canceled.

Weather Conditions

If it is raining or snowing at the scheduled time of the eviction, the eviction will not proceed.  However, if precipitation starts after an eviction has started, the eviction will continue until completion.

It the predicted high temperature from the national weather broadcast on the scheduled eviction date is 32 degrees or lower, evictions for that day will be canceled. 


The Plaintiff should promptly notify the Sheriff's Office if an eviction has been cancelled due to receipt of payment or other settlement with the tenant.

If an eviction is canceled as a result of the unavailability of a moving crew or any of the items listed above under Plaintiff's Responsibility, the Eviction Section will attempt to reschedule the eviction, if there is an opening on our schedule before the writ expires.

If an eviction is canceled as a result of bad weather it will be rescheduled as soon as possible.


If a property is empty, and there is no personal property to be removed, the Plaintiff may call the Eviction Section and request a walk-through. The Eviction Section will perform a walk-through as soon as resources allow.

Writ of Possession

These guidelines also apply to a Writ of Possession issued by the Circuit Court.
Questions, Problems or Suggestions

If you have any questions, suggestions or problems that cannot be resolved during routine contact with the Eviction Section staff, please contact the Eviction Section Sergeant at 410-822-1020.

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