Information Technology Department

The Department of Information Technology is an integral part of the Talbot County government. This department designs, implements, and maintains the computer networks, program applications, and related telecommunications equipment needed to keep County offices and agencies running smoothly.

County IT consists of  3 personnel providing technology services and support to all departments within the County as well as to County business partners in state and local government and the non-profit sector.

Customer Service is a primary focus for the staff at Information Technology. All county staff can call, e-mail, or use the web interface of our Help Desk for assistance with a request, question, or problem. The systems administration staff takes the initial calls at the Help Desk and attempt to resolve them immediately. If necessary, the calls are escalated to technical services or application and programming support for further work. The Help Desk staff track all the calls and keep in contact with the customer to insure that they have received the service that they requested.

Our mission is to provide IT services based on industry best practices, competitive costs, and best value to the taxpayer, through shared service relationships with County departments and external business partners. In everything County IT staff set out to do, we aim to please!



Page last modified Friday, March 19, 2021 6:01:45 PM

Page last modified Friday, March 19, 2021 6:01:45 PM