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Changes to the County's Critical Area Program do not take effect until they are reviewed and approved by the Critical Area Commission for Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays. As of the effective date of this chapter (11-10-2018), the Critical Area Commission had not yet approved those changes. Specific questions about Critical Area provisions of this chapter should be directed to the Department of Planning and Zoning.

Fee Schedule for the applications below, payment by check or money order only made payable to Talbot County, MD any questions contact this office.

Amendment to Official Zoning Maps Critical Area Maps Growth Allocation

Administrative Site Plan

Bed and Breakfast

Buffer Management Guidelines/Plant List

Buffer Management Plan/Forest Preservation (Critical Area)

Cottage Industry

Comprehensive or Sectional Amendment to Official Zoning Maps

Declaration of Intent Agricultural

Declaration of Intent Forestry

Declaration of Intent Intrafamily Transfer

Declaration of Intent Real Estate

Declaration of Intent Residential Single Lot

Forest Conservation

Home Based Occupation

*Land Development Application- This Application must be completed along with your Revision Plat, Site Plan Review and all Subdivision Applications.

Lot Coverage Critical Area Worksheet

Lot Coverage WRC Zone Worksheet

Mobile/Manufactured Home Park License

Minor Special Exception Modification

Minor Variance Critical Area

Minor Variance Non Critical Area

Noise Compliance

PMP/Property Maintenance Permit, within 1000' and outside the 100' Shoreline Development Buffer

Pre-Application Meeting Request

Produce Stand

Project Activity and Status Report

Public Information Act

Request to Planning Officer

*Revision Plat - Sketch

*Revision Plat - Preliminary/Final

Roadside Vendor License

Short Term Rental Re-Inspection Form

*Site Plan Review - Minor and Major

SBMP/Simplified Buffer Management Plan, within 100' Shoreline Development Buffer

*Subdivision - Sketch

*Subdivision - Preliminary

*Subdivision - Final

Text Amendment

Use Certificate - The County Council encourages anyone organizing or hosting a gathering in Talbot County to consult with the Talbot County Health Department on best practices for preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Waiver Request

Zoning Enforcement Request



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