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The persons listed below are currently wanted by the Talbot County Sheriff's Office for failing to pay child support as directed by the court.  The persons named in these arrest warrants have had their cases heard in the Circuit Court for Talbot County.  In many cases, monetary arrangements, child custody, property issues, and child support payments have been determined through this court action. In the cases/persons listed below, these persons are in violation of the agreement and order reached by the Circuit Court, and thus a warrant for their arrest has been issued. The payments required by the Court Order, and the judgments in these cases are monetary and financial support obligations of one parent to support their children. These children are the ultimate benefactors of holding the parents accountable to make support payments as ordered.

The names, addresses and information listed for these wanted persons have come from a variety of sources; some of which may reflect the last known address on record. Some of the photographs have also come from differing sources and may not be an accurate representation of the person as they may appear today – but the photograph is of the person named in the warrant.  All of the case information that has prompted the warrants for these persons is considered to be public information and is accessible through the court.

If you have information in regard to the locations of any of these persons, or know of current information pertaining to them – take a bold step and become part of the solution for the children involved in these families – call us.  Calls concerning these persons can be made at anytime, and all calls will be kept confidential.  Make a difference in a child's life so that they may be afforded the opportunities that they deserve. 

If you recognize any of these persons or have information concerning them, please call 410-822-1020 (24 hours).



Alias Names

DOB/ Identifiers


Warrant Issued



Keith H Baynard

Keith Howard Baynard



6’2  220 lbs

13074 Newtown Village Rd. Cordova, MD



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