Comprehensive Plan 2016

The 2016 Comprehensive Plan books are available for purchase in the Department of Planning and Zoning.

Talbot County Comprehensive Plan adopted by Bill 1329 on June 7, 2016; effective August 6, 2016.

The comprehensive planning process determines community goals, aspirations, development, and preservation. The Comprehensive Plan guides public policy for many complex issues including land use, transportation, extension of utilities and public services, preservation, use, and protection of natural resources, development, tourism, and community design, among many others. The Comprehensive Plan covers the entire County and addresses a broad range of topics and long-term goals. As declared in its Vision Statement, "The primary goal of Talbot County's Comprehensive Plan is to promote a high quality of life, to preserve the rural character of our County and to protect the health, safety and well-being of its citizens, in a resilient community." 

 Cover Pages

Acknowledgement Pages

Table of Contents

Vision Statement and Definitions


Chapter 1 Background

Map 1-A Existing Land Use

Chapter 2 Land Use Plan

Map 2-I Existing Zoning

Map 2-J Unimproved Parcels

Map 2-K Proposed Land Use

Map 2-L Tier Designations

Chapter 3 Transportation and Utilities

Map 3-C Traffic Volume, 2014

Map 3-D Wireless Tower Priority Placement Areas

Chapter 4 Community Services and Facilities

Map 4-B Selected Community Facilities

Chapter 5 Agricultural and Rural Conservation

Map 5-A Protected Land

Chapter 6 Natural Resource Conservation

Map 6-D Chesapeake Bay Critical Area

Map 6-E Tree Cover and Streams

Map 6-F Soil Characteristics

Chapter 7 Economic Development and Tourism

Chapter 8 Historic and Cultural Preservation

Map 8-A Historic Preservation Easements and Overlays

Chapter 9 Community Design and Appearance

Map 9-E Talbot County's Rural Villages

Appendix A Village Boundary Recommendations

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