Environmental Operations

The Environmental Operations Division within the Department of Public Works was created to provide for proactive management of the County’s environmental programs, including

Wastewater treatment serving:
Region II
Saint Michaels
Royal Oak, Newcomb, Bellevue, Unionville, Tunis Mills, Copperville collection system areas
Region V
Tilghman Island
The Talbot County Bio-Solids Utilization Facility located on Klodike Road in the Cordova area of Talbot County.  The 209 acre facility accepts septage from permitted haulers, treating and stabilizing the bio-solids for beneficial use for agricultural production.  The facility is approved and permitted by the Maryland Department of the Environment.  The facility operations and maintenance is performed by County employees and operated as an enterprise fund.
The Talbot County Septic System Inspection and Pump Out Program is a comprehensive computer based management system which has it's roots within the outlying collection systems serving the Talbot County Region I, II, and V districts.  This program is intended to ensure that the septage systems are managed in an environmentally conscious manner.  In addition, the management system is intended to protect the County’s investment in the over 500 systems throughout the districts.
Alternative Energy Program.  The County operates and monitors two alternative energy production technologies located at the Talbot County Bio-Solids Utilization Facility.  The technologies employ:

Wind to energy turbines; (3) units rated at a total of 300KW production
Photovoltaic electrical production units located adjacent to the wind turbines; also rated at a total 300KW production
The future operations and maintenance of the On Site Sewage Disposal Systems (OSDS) by Division staff
Working in concert with appropriate entities for the proper management of solid waste and recycling activities for the present day and future.
Recreational Vehicle Off-Loading Procedures

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