Applications and Forms

Applications and Forms Needed To Apply For All Permits

Some forms are formated for legal size paper. If you will be printing to letter size pages be sure to select "print to fit" or "shrink to page size" on your print controls. Please be advised that some documents may take longer to download and open depending on document size and your internet connection speed.

If you require added assistance with the application instructions or process, please contact us via phone: (410) 770-6840 or E-mail:


Guidance to Required Permits

Building Permit/Zoning Certificate Application (NEW FORM - please note the new fees)

Checklist for Building Permits

Checklist for Zoning Certificates

Checklist for Inground Swimming Pools

Disturbance Calculation Worksheet (outside critical area only)

Impervious Coverage Worksheet for WRC (WRC zoning only)

Impervious Area & Disturbance Worksheet (critical area only)

Non-tidal Wetlands Disclaimer

Demolition Information Form (must be accompanied by the building/zoning application above)

Amendment for Permits Form

Permit Extension Request Form

Request to Building Official (used to request a waiver of site plan requirements for building permit)

Cross Section

Plumbing Permit Application

Fuel Gas Permit Application

HVACR Permit Application

Electrical Permit Application (effective July 1, 2017)

Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule FY 2019

Zoning Review Guide

Overview of Typical Zoning Review of Permit Applications

Marine Information

Talbot County Marine Permit Information

MDE (Maryland Department of the Environment) Permit Information

Public Information Act (PIA) Request

PIA Request Form


Change of Contractor

Change of Contractor Form

Electric Service for New Residences

Delmarva Power Application

NOTE: Due to the increasing demand for solar panels, Talbot County is requiring a Zoning Certificate for the installation. A plumbing, HVAC or electrical permit and inspection(s) may be required depending on the scope of work.

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