Boards and Committees Vacancies

Adult Public Guardianship Review Board
6 Vacancies (one of which is for a physician)

Agricultural Land Preservation Advisory Board
0 Vacancies

Agricultural Resolution Board
2 Vacancies (business community; 1 at-large)

Airport Board
0 Vacancies

Animal Control Board
1 Vacancy (other person having knowledge pertinent to the Board's functions)

Board of Appeals
0 Vacancies

Board of Electrical Examiners
0 Vacancies

Commission on Aging 
3 Vacancies

Economic Development Commission
0 Vacancies 

Emergency Services Advisory Board
0 Vacancies

Ethics Commission
0 Vacancies

Golf Board
0 Vacancies

Historic Preservation Commission
2 Vacancies (specific requirements for one of the vacancies is established by MD Certified Local Government Procedures Manual - Maryland Historical Trust) Please contact Co. Mgrs. Office for more information

Local Emergency Planning Committee
0 Vacancies

Parks and Recreation Advisory Board
2 Vacancies (Town of Easton; Town of St. Michaels)

Planning and Zoning Commission
1 Vacancy

Public Works Advisory Board
0 Vacancies

Short-Term Rental Review Board
1 vacancy (legislation introduced on Oct. 26th to change composition of board from requiring attorney with experience in real estate) 

Social Services Board of Directors
1 Vacancy

Talbot County Drug and Alcohol Abuse Council 
4 Vacancies

Talbot Family Network Board of Directors
0 Vacancies

Tourism Board
1 Vacancy (Tilghman)

Weed Control Committee
2 Vacancies

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