Code Enforcement

The Talbot County Code Enforcement Office operates within the Department of Planning and Zoning, and has three Code Compliance Officers who address a variety of quality of life issues in Talbot County. Talbot County does not have zoning or code enforcement jurisdiction within the incorporated municipalities of Easton, St. Michaels, Oxford, Trappe and Queen Anne. One Compliance Officer also addresses alcohol licensing and regulations for all alcohol establishments in Talbot County to include those within a municipality. The Code Enforcement Officers are responsible for the enforcement and implementation of several local and state codes and ordinances, to include the following matters:

  • Critical Area Violations (Chapter 190)-Illegal actions in the 1000’ Critical Area Overlay, to include the highly sensitive 100’ Critical Area Buffer from mean high water, fall under Code Enforcement’s authority. See link for DNR’s FAQs.
  • Enforcement action against non-permitted Talbot County’s construction (Chapter 28) and Zoning Code (Chapter 190) violations.
  • Property violations, inspections and complaints of Short-Term Rentals (STRs) not located in any of the five incorporated municipalities in Talbot County. Rental properties not exceeding 14 weeks require licensing compliance from Talbot County Planning & Zoning.
  • Violations of Chapter 88, Minimum Livability Code. Protection of the health, safety and welfare relating to the use and maintenance of non-owner occupied residential structures and premises.
  • Noise Ordinance violations. Noise levels are required to remain under 60 dBA during the daytime or 55 dBA during the nighttime with specific exemptions under Chapter 92 of the Talbot County Code.
  • Property Maintenance (Chapter 117) issues to include; hazardous structures, litter, rubbish and tall grass over 12” on improved and unimproved properties within our jurisdiction.
  • Code Enforcement also handles Property Maintenance Permits (PMPs) & Simplified Buffer Management Plans (SBMPs) for removal of vegetation and work done within the 1000’ Critical Area boundary. See attached links for applications and DNR’s FAQs link.    

Mike Duell, Chief Code Compliance Officer, 410-770-8035,

James Mullikin, Code Enforcement Officer, 410-770-8177,

Duane Gottschalk, Code Enforcement Officer/Alcoholic Beverages Inspector, 410-770-8044,

Application Links:
Property Maintenance Permit (PMP)
Simplified Buffer Management Plan (SBMP)

Information Links:
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