Building Permit Inspections

Inspections can be scheduled by calling the Permits and Inspections Office or online at or  410-770-6849 between 8:00 a.m. & 3:30 p.m. Monday – Friday.  Inspections taken (before 3:30 p.m.) will be scheduled for the following business day.  

Plumbing, HVACR and electrical inspections must be requested by the licensed trade contractor working on the job.

Fire Sprinkler inspections must be called in to the Fire Marshals Office by the approved licensed Installer: 410-822-7609

Electrical inspections must be called in to the Middle Department Inspection Agency (MDIA): 410-822-8300

1.  Footing and Setbacks
2.  Foundation (prior to backfill)
3.  Slab (if applicable)
4.  First Floor Framing - beams and joist (prior to installation of deck plywood) design data from the manufacturer must be furnished to the inspector at   the framing inspection
5.  Plumbing Rough-in
6.  HVACR Rough-in - the dwelling shall be weather tight prior to receiving a HVACR rough-in inspection.
7.  Fire Sprinkler Rough-in (Fire Marshal)
8.  Electrical Rough-in (MDIA)
9.  Framing (inspection will be done after all rough-in inspections are complete)
10. Insulation
11. Plumbing Final
12. HVACR Final
13. Fire Sprinkler Final (Fire Marshal)
14. Electrical Final (MDIA)
15. Building Final


A Certificate of Occupancy/Completion will be issued by the Department of Permits and   Inspections only after Final Plumbing, Electrical, Fire Marshall and Building inspections have been completed. If required, approval from the Environmental Health Department must also be completed.


Sample Letter for a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy Request




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