Talbot County - Calendar

Upcoming Events

  • Board of Appeals Meeting
    July 29 2024, 6:30pm

    The Board of Appeals Agenda is on the County's website under Planning and Zoning, Board of Appeals link.

  • The Administrative Charging Committee
    August 6 2024, 6:00pm

    The Administrative Charging Committee will convene in open session for the purpose of moving to convene in Closed Session. The meetings will be held in the Chesapeake Room, Talbot County Community Center, 10028 Ocean Gtwy., Easton, MD 21601.


  • Planning Commission
    August 7 2024, 9:00am

    Regular meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 9:00 a.m., in the Bradley Meeting Room, Talbot County Courthouse, 11 N Washington Street, Easton, Maryland. Location is subject to change. Additional information can be found here

  • Talbot County Council Meeting
    August 13 2024, 5:00pm

    The Talbot County Council will be meeting on Tuesday, August 13, 2024 beginning at 5:00 p.m.  The meeting will be held in the Bradley Meeting Room and is open to the public.  A copy of the meeting agenda can be found on the County's homepage.

  • Talbot County Tourism Board Meeting
    August 14 2024, 8:30am
    For details, please visit https://www.talbotworks.org/talbot-county-tourism-board/
  • Public Works Advisory Board
    August 15 2024, 9:00am

    The Public Works Advisory Board meets on the third Thursday of each month in Conference Room #1, 215 Bay Street, Easton, MD 21601. For Agenda, visit here

  • Board of Electrical Examiners
    August 15 2024, 1:00pm

    The Board of Electrical Examiners will meet at 1pm in conference room 1 at 215 Bay St, Easton. A copy of the meeting agenda may be found on the Permits and Inspections page. 

  • Board of Appeals Meeting
    August 19 2024, 6:30pm

    An agenda will be posted before the Board meeting on the County's website.

  • Short Term Rental Board Meeting
    August 22 2024, 1:00pm

    The STR meeting agenda will be posted on the County's webpage.