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Office of Code Compliance

The Code Compliance Office investigates all registered non-permitted complaints involving unauthorized development and construction activities throughout the County, including properties within the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area.


What We Do

County policy mandates Code Compliance Officers investigate all reported violations and pursue lawful abatement in accordance with the County Code. Civil or criminal charges may be filed in cases of egregious violations by the County’s Office of Law. 

Talbot County does not have zoning or code enforcement jurisdiction within the incorporated municipalities of Easton, St. Michaels, Oxford, Trappe and Queen Anne. Our office also addresses alcohol licensing and regulations for all alcohol establishments in Talbot County, including those within municipalities.

Report a Violation

Report a Violation

General complaints should be reported to the Chief Code Compliance Officer at 410-770-6850.

Check on Status of a Code Violation

To check on a status of a code violation, reach out to the office at 410-770-6850.

Common Violations

  • Critical Area Violations

    Illegal actions in the 1000’ Critical Area Overlay, to include the highly sensitive 100’ Critical Area Buffer from mean high water, fall under Code Enforcement’s authority.

    See more on Critical Area here.

  • Non-permitted Construction

    Enforcement action against non-permitted Talbot County’s construction (Chapter 28) and Zoning Code (Chapter 190) violations.

    See list of projects that usually require permitting here.

  • Short Term Rental Violations

    The Talbot County Code Enforcement Division addresses Short-Term Rental (STR) Property violations, inspections and complaints not located in any of the five incorporated municipalities in Talbot County. Rental properties not exceeding 14 weeks require licensing compliance from Talbot County Planning & Zoning.

    See related Talbot County Code: Section 190.63

    Filing a STR Complaint

    During normal working hours any STR violation report can be forwarded directly to Code Enforcement. Code Enforcement Officers may not be available 24/7 and many incidents can be investigated after the fact. STR complaints after normal hours can also be reported to the 24/7 STR Hotline at 410-819-2284.

    To provide a detailed complaint with the ability to add images and videos, use the STR Complaint Portal.

    When a complaint is received an incident number is created along with the relevant information concerning the complaint. Follow up investigations are completed by Code Enforcement Officers for corrective or enforcement action.

    Civil Penalties can be as high as $1,000.00 per day for each violation of Talbot County Code.

  • Minimum Livability Code

    Violations of Chapter 88, Minimum Livability Code. Protection of the health, safety and welfare relating to the use and maintenance of non-owner occupied residential structures and premises.

    See related Talbot County Code: Chapter 88

  • Noise Ordinance

    Noise levels are required to remain under 60 dBA during the daytime or 55 dBA during the nighttime with specific exemptions under Chapter 92 of the Talbot County Code.

    Daytime is 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Nighttime is considered any time out of this range. 

  • Property Maintenance

    Violations can be issued for property maintenance, commonly for the following categories: hazardous structures, litter, rubbish and tall grass over 12” on improved and unimproved properties within our jurisdiction.

    See Talbot County Code: Chapter 117

  • Liquor Licensing

    The Office of Code Compliance's Alcoholic Beverages Inspector conducts inspections and investigates complaints regarding the retail sale of alcoholic beverages within Talbot County.

    Report a Liquor Related Violation

    To report a violation of the county alcoholic beverages code or state alcoholic beverages law, please contact the Alcoholic Beverages Inspector, James Mullikin at 410-770-6850 or

    See Liquor Board for more information.

Our Team

James Mullikin
Chief Code Compliance Officer

Jake Hutchison
Code Compliance Officer

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