FY 2024 Budget

In accordance with the requirements of the Talbot County Charter, the County Council of Talbot County is proposing the following County Current Expense Budget and Capital Budget & Program for the fiscal year July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2024 (FY 2024). 


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Budget Highlights

Budget Highlights

Projected Revenues total $108,668,000. Property Tax revenues are projected to generate $56.9 million, or 44.1 percent of total revenues. Local income tax is projected to generate 31,000,000 or 24.1 percent of total of total revenues. Prior year reserves add an additional 15 percent, and other local taxes make up about 9.3 percent of total. Service charges, license and permits, federal and state grants, transfer from other funds, and other make up the final 7.2 percent of revenues.

The FY 2024 Expense Budget totals $128,849,000. This represents an increase of 12.4 percent from FY 2023 Approved Budget.  Education will receive the largest portion, $54,000,000, or 42.1 percent of the total General Fund budget. Public Safety, which includes 11 new full-time positions, accounts for 23.5 percent. The general government makes up 11.9 percent. A transfer of 6,680,000 to Capital Funds, or 5.2 percent, will support a new EMS station, land and facilities acquisition, water and sewar extensions, renovation of Chapel District Elementary School, and more. Public Works, Parks and Rec, Health, Social Services, and Other make up the final 15.9 percent.

Key Investments

Emergency Services and Public Safety

Investing in solutions to our Health and Emergency Services is critical to maintaining a good standard of 
living for our citizens. 

Support includes:

  • Expansion of the County’s 24/7 Paramedic Unit, which will improve response times
  • $2.08 million for 911 Division replacement of Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) software
  • $800,000 in capital project to build new EMS Station in Cordova, MD
  • 10 new positions in emergency services and public safety, which include certified EMTs, 
    Paramedics, and School Resource Officers (SRO)
  • $330,000 for Detention Center Improvements

Improving Infrastructure

The budget includes $1.95 million in capital funding to support the county’s initiative to extend water and 
sewer to different areas of the county.

Extending sewer to various areas of the county, connecting failing septic systems, and upgrading and improving our sewage system continues to be a priority to protect the health and safety of our citizens, and the Chesapeake Bay.

Capital projects also include $500,000 for countywide road improvements. 


The County continues to support capital initiatives and investment in Education.

  • Talbot County Public Schools will receive $50.9 million in operational funding, which is an increase of $4.1 million from last year. This exceeds the required local share contribution in order to meet state-mandated Blueprint 
  • The budget also includes $900,000 in capital funding to support the Chapel District Elementary School renovation project.
  • Chesapeake College’s FY24 budget request is fully funded and demonstrates the county’s commitment to continuing education for all ages including workforce programs.

Maintaining a Dynamic Workforce

The budget also emphasizes the importance of a dynamic workforce. It's important to maintain the investment in our employees, who are the backbone of our service delivery, in what has become a highly 
competitive workforce environment.

This support includes:

  • 4% Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) and 1 Step for County employees.
  • Funding increases to volunteer fire departments to support training efforts and to address personnel retention and recruitment efforts.



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