Victim's Rights

Every crime victim or witness has a right to:

  • Be treated with dignity, respect, courtesy and sensitivity.
  • Receive emergency help as needed.
  • Receive notification of court dates or cancellation of those dates.
  • Be advised of available law enforcement protection from potential harm to you arising out of prosecution and law enforcement efforts.
  • Be advised of a waiting area apart from the accused.
  • Be informed of any available financial assistance or social service.
  • Be assisted with prompt property return.
  • Be informed of restitution procedures.
  • Receive speedy handling of the case in which you are involved.

In addition, if the defendant has been charged by indictment or information, the following is available to you when requested in writing:

  • The prompt return of property by law enforcement agencies.
  • The reading of victim impact statements at time of sentencing or at hearings that consider release.
  • To be informed when the offender is scheduled to be released from prison or jail.
  • To be informed when the offender escapes or receives a mandatory release from prison.
  • To submit an updated victim impact statement at parole hearings.



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