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Mission Statement

The Department of Corrections aims to provide for public safety through the confinement of pretrial detainees and convicted offenders in safe and secure facilities, and by offering alternatives to incarceration and re-entry services which are comprehensive and effective.

We serve the citizens of Talbot County by professionally managing safe and secure correctional facilities and offering programs and services to pretrial and convicted individuals which support successful re-entry to the community.




Terry Kokolis

Lead Staff

Joseph Hughes
Deputy Director

Cindy Green
Security Operations Captain

Amanda Tondin
Programs Coordinator

About the Facility

TCDOC best pic 6-2011
The Talbot County Corrections Facility is located behind the Talbot County Free Library, and across the street from the Circuit Court on Dover Rd.

The Talbot County Detention Center has been in operation since 1992. The facility is also the designated Central Booking Center for the county, having responsibility for the intake and processing of all adult male and female offenders arrested in Talbot County.  The facility houses both Pretrial defendants and sentenced incarcerated individuals, average daily incarcerated population is on average 80 individuals. 

Located across from the Talbot County District Court, the facility is a 3-story split-level. The facility maintains an internal security perimeter, providing a secure entry point for staff and public access through the front lobby for all an incarcerated individual's family and professional visitors.  The lobby also provides a direct entry point for the District Court Commissioners who are available for newly arrived arrestees, law enforcement and the general public.  An interior vehicle sally port provides secure entry and exit for all incarcerated individual transports.

Incarcerated individuals receive initial classification rating and then are assigned to one of nine pod-style housing units on two floors of the facility. Each housing unit has cells, and common dayroom areas.   The Detention Center also provides numerous essential services including a dietary kitchen, laundry, medical department, indoor/outdoor recreation areas, access to library books/law library, multi-purpose program space and a visiting room to speak with family and friends. A full list of services and programming can be found here

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