Boards and Committees

Talbot County has several board and committees that represent an essential part of the government and serve to provide advisement to the County Council and Government on specific areas of expertise.

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The County is seeking individuals to serve on a variety of boards and commissions. The volunteer work done by these groups is an essential part of our efforts to make Talbot County a great place to live, work, and play.

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Administrative Charging Committee

The Administrative Charging Committee (ACC) serves to improve the disciplinary process of law enforcement officers to include independent assessments of citizen-driven police misconduct-related complaints.


Adult Public Guardianship Review Board

Provides impartial oversight of public guardianship cases to ensure that wards receive the services and treatment appropriate to their disabilities.


Agricultural Resolution Board

The Agricultural Resolution Board was established to arbitrate and mediate disputes involving agricultural operations conducted on agricultural lands and issue findings concerning whether or not such agricultural operation is conducted in a manner consistent with generally accepted agricultural practices.

Commission on Aging

Advises the Talbot County Council on issues affecting seniors and will advocate for change as needed.

Airport Board

Makes recommendations to and advise the Airport Manager and the County Council relating to policies, planning, development, operation, management, fees, budgeting, staffing and maintenance of the Easton Airport with the goal of having the Airport operate as a self-supporting enterprise.


Animal Control Board

Makes advisory recommendations to the County Council concerning animal control legislation, regulations, fees, and fines, and to make decisions regarding vicious animals, complaints, and administrative appeals.


Citizens Review Board for Children

Reviews cases of children in out-of-home placement and monitors child welfare programs, making recommendations for system improvements.


Board of Appeals

The Board of Appeals decides on matters including, but not limited to, zoning matters, exclusive of rezoning, appeals from orders relating to licensing and permits, appeals from orders relating to building, subdivision, plumbing and electrical statutes or codes, and appeals from executive, administrative or adjudicatory orders.


Economic Development Commission

Advises the County Council concerning the manner in which County economic development goals and objectives may be best achieved and to assist the County Council in determining which projects or programs may be appropriate to achieve the goals and objectives.

Board of Elections

Oversees the election process in Talbot County. 


Board of Electrical Examiners

The Board reviews registrations and permits for any person or business engaged in electrical wiring, approves and licenses electrical inspection agencies, conducts written examinations to determine qualifications of applicants, and establishes a schedule of fees for all electrical licenses or permits, subject to the approval of the County Council.


Emergency Services Advisory Board

Makes recommendations and advises the County Council regarding issues affecting emergency services. The Board will encourage development of cooperative programs among the various municipalities, organizations, and providers of emergency services throughout the County including volunteer fire companies, ambulance services, medical services, disaster relief organizations and others; and federal, state, and local agencies, boards, departments and commissions.

Ethics Commission

Processes and makes determinations as to complaints filed by any person alleging violations of the Talbot County Ethics Code.


Golf Board

Advises the Director of Golf Operations and the County Council relating to policies, planning, development, operation, management, fees, budgeting, staffing and maintenance of the Hog Neck Golf Course and all other County-operated golf programs collectively as a self-supporting enterprise.


Historic Preservation Commission

This Commission is charged with the preservation of districts which reflect the County's cultural, social, economic, political or architectural history.

Local Emergency Planning Committee

the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) is responsible for preparing a regional hazardous materials emergency response plan, serves as a repository for regional hazardous materials information, and performs outreach functions to increase hazardous materials awareness. LEPC membership consists of local professionals representing occupational categories such as firefighting, law enforcement, reporting facilities, media, community groups, emergency management, health, and/or transportation.

Liquor Board

The Talbot County Commissioners regulate the retail sale of alcoholic beverages within Talbot County.


Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

Makes recommendations to the County Council relating to plans and policies for public recreation, the organization of recreational councils, the establishment of recreational programs and plans for the acquisition of land for public recreation and open space.


Planning Commission

The Planning Commission makes advisory recommendations to the Planning Officer and the Council relating to the Comprehensive Plan, zoning maps, and rules and regulations relating to zoning. 

Police Accountability Board

The Police Accountability Board (PAB) was established in to work with law enforcement agencies to review provide policy advice, and report on disciplinary matters stemming from public complaints about police misconduct.


Public Works Advisory Board

Makes recommendations to the Council relating to plans and policies on matters under the jurisdiction of the Department of Public Works.

Short Term Rental Review Board

The Short-Term Rental Review Board reviews all applications, violations, and rules and regulations related to Short Term Rentals. 

Social Services Board of Directors

Assists in selecting the local director of the Department of Social Services, and advises the local director as to the application of State policies and procedures in the administration of social services and public assistance in the County.

Local Drug and Alcohol Abuse Council

Assesses current substance abuse prevention, intervention, and treatment capabilities, especially as they address criminal justice issues, and develop a strategy for meeting system needs.

Talbot Family Network Board of Directors

Serves as the administrative entity receiving and accounting for State funds directed to promoting a stable, safe, and healthy environment for children and families, and to provide a continuum of care that is family and child-oriented and emphasizes prevention, early intervention, and community-based services for children and families who are at risk.

Talbot Tourism Board

Develops policies, plans, goals, objectives, and programs for the promotion and management of tourism- and travel-related businesses and services in Talbot County. For information, please contact Talbot Tourism

Technical Advisory Committee

The TAC Committee consists of representative from Planning and Zoning, Public Works, and the Talbot County Department Environmental Health to coordinate comments on plan applications, jointly review plans, and to resolve issues of conflict or common concern. The TAC reviews plans for compliance with applicable local, state and federal requirements.