Stormwater Management

From flooding problems to water quality concerns, uncontrolled stormwater runoff has a significant impact in our community.

Stormwater is not treated before it enters the rivers, creeks, marshes in our area. Pollution from vehicles, fertilizer, pet waste, and other household activities can occur. The County implements programs to help improve water quality in our surrounding waterways.


  • Capital Improvement Projects

    Public Works looks for capital improvement projects that could improve the following:

    • Water Quality: Projects that improve watershed health, protect human health, provide community uplift, and improve aquatic life. Project examples include: bioretention, permeable pavers, raid gardens, stream restorations, shoreline restoration, and stormwater management facilities.
    • Storm Drainage: Projects that mitigate and minimize flooding of structures though the county through new or improved storm drainage systems.
    • Endangered Structures: Identifies hazard-prone homes or buildings, and with the assistance of FEMA grant funds, enables residents to relocate to safer areas.
  • Development Review

    Public Works provides development review services for the following:

    • New development: sub-divisions, siteplans
    • Existing lots: building permits
  • Flood Control and Floodplain Management

    Public Works records and monitors areas prone to flooding for historic records and future mitigation projects. During an active or impending storm, the Department identifies areas of impact and manages water through impact periods.

    Planning and Zoning manages a Flood Resiliency program to help citizens and businesses understand flood safety, build safely, and understand elevation compliance guidelines. See more on the program here: Flood Resiliency - Talbot County, Maryland (

  • Erosion and Sediment Control

    The Maryland Department of Environment and the Talbot County Soil Conservation District Office works with property owners manage erosion and sediment control. 

    See Talbot County Soil District here: Talbot Soil Conservation District (

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