Village Plans

Travel in any direction through Talbot County and you will soon encounter one of the area’s twenty-two distinctive rural villages. This assortment of small communities ranges from crossroad settlements to larger town-like centers and are recognized by the County as distinctive places whose character should be protected and celebrated.

Master Plans or Comprehensive Plan Documents related to each village can be found below.

Village Planning Documents

  • Bellevue

    Master planning for the village of Bellevue, a mixed-use waterfront community where its historic maritime heritage is still evident today, followed the adoption of the Comprehensive Plan in 2016. 

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    • Bellevue Master Plan (September 2017) The Bellevue Village Master Plan includes a long-term vision for the village along with recommended strategies to consider in future planning; strategies that will preserve the village character while protecting its working waterfront assets.
  • Bruceville

    Bruceville is located at the crossroads of Bruceville and Windy Hill Roads and is the heart of Bambury Neck.

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  • Claiborne

    Claiborne is located in the portion of Talbot County known as Bay Hundred, on a point that juts into Eastern Bay at the base of the peninsula dividing Eastern Bay from the Miles River. It is bordered on the north and east by farmland that lies between Eastern Bay and Tilghman Creek and on the west and south by Eastern Bay.

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  • Cordova

    Cordova is located at the crossroads of Cordova Road and Kitty’s Corner Road in the Chapel District of Talbot County.

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  • Fairbank

    Fairbank Village is a former maritime settlement bounded on the north by farmland on the south by private and State woodlands, and on all other sides by water.

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  • Ivytown

    Present day Ivytown (Ivorytown) is a quiet hamlet where residents continue to watch out for each other in the community as they have traditionally done. The preservation of the peaceful rural setting and individual family dwellings is important to those who reside in the village.

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  • Neavitt

    Neavitt is on a small peninsula known as Long Point. Neavitt’s shoreline extends for over eight miles along on a scenic peninsula extending into Broad Creek and the mouth of the Choptank River. It is bordered on the west by Harris Creek which separates it from Tilghman Island, and on the east by Balls Creek.

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  • Newcomb

    The village of Newcomb is situated along, and divided by, a stretch of Maryland Route 33 (St. Michaels Road) at the confluence of the Miles River and Oak Creek.

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  • Royal Oak

    Royal Oak is located half way between Easton and St. Michaels, accessed off of Maryland Route 33. Royal Oak is comprised of a mixture of lot sizes, home styles, agricultural uses, various commercial enterprises, and public facilities. 

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  • Tilghman

    Master planning for the village of Tilghman, a vibrant mixed-use waterfront community with a rich history of maritime activities, followed the adoption of the Comprehensive Plan in 2016. 

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    • Tilghman Master Plan (September 2017) The Tilghman Village Master Plan includes recommended strategies to consider in future planning for Tilghman that can address its primary challenge: how to balance the desire for a viable working waterfront and a functioning commercial/retail street as the heart of the working waterfront village, with the desire to preserve the community's character and appearance.
    • Tilghman Village - Comprehensive Plan Appendix (August 2016)


  • Tunis Mills

    Tunis Mills is comprised of properties near the headwaters of Leeds Creek, along both sides of the creek and accessible from Tunis Mills Road and adjoining roads.

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  • Unionville

    Unionville is located between Easton and St. Michaels.

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