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The County Council passed Bill No. 1446 to amend Chapter 190 of the Talbot County Code to improve and clarify the processes for licensure and oversight of STRs in Talbot County; and to amend the standards for safety for licensure.  The bill was introduced after the Talbot County Council held work sessions with members of the Short-Term Rental Review Board and County staff .

Bill 1146 Summary

The results from the joint work sessions can be viewed in the matrix : Short Term Rental Revisions and Recommendations Matrix 01/07/20   

Prior to the joint work session, the Short-Term Rental Review Board held four Work Sessions in August and September of 2019 to gather public input and to consider potential revisions and updates to the Board's published Rules of Procedure and potential amendments to the Board's STR enabling legislation in Chapter 190 of the Talbot County Code. The Short Term Rental Review Board provided a letter with recommendations to the County Council subsequent to the four work sessions held by the Board:

Short Term Rental Review Board Recommendations - Matrix

Short Term Rental Revisions and Recommendation Matrix - Public Comments

Short-Term Rental Review Board Recommendations

Comments from STR worksessions

Discussion Outline 09/17/19

Transcript August 22, 2019

Transcript August 29, 2019

Transcript September 17, 2019

Transcript  September 19, 2019

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