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Talbot County values the good health and safety of all those who reside, work in, and visit our county.   We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this time.

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Commissary Funds:

You can deposit money through a number of convenient methods: online at, with the Access Corrections mobile app (available at the App Store and Google Play), or by calling the customer service center 24/7 at 866-345-1884.   You can also send them via U.S. Postal Service to:

Inmate’s Name

115 W. Dover St.

Easton, MD 21601

Department Plan for COVID19 Virus

The Talbot County Detention Center has been in operation since 1992 and rated to hold 148 inmates.   The facility is also the designated Central Booking Center for the county, having responsibility for the intake and processing of all adult male and female offenders arrested in Talbot County.

Located across from the Talbot County District Court, the facility is a 3-story split-level building constructed primarily of brick. The climate-controlled facility is equipped with many safety and security features, including heat and smoke detectors, a fire alarm and sprinkler system, along with a modern internal security system that provides video and recording options throughout the building and perimeter. The average daily inmate population is approximately 80. The facility houses both Pretrial defendants and sentenced inmates. A Pretrial Supervision Program provides community supervision of clients recommended by the Court who meet program criteria. Program staff ensures each participant complies with the conditions of their release and importantly, appears for their scheduled court appearance. 

The facility maintains an internal security perimeter, providing a secure entry point for staff and public access through the front lobby for all inmate family and professional visitors.  The lobby also provides a direct entry point for the District Court Commissioners who are available for newly arrived arrestees, law enforcement and the general public.  An interior vehicle sally port provides secure entry and exit for all inmate transports.

Inmates first receive an initial classification rating then are assigned to one of nine pod-style housing units on two floors of the facility. Each housing unit has cells, common dayroom areas, and is equipped with collect-call telephones.   The Detention Center also provides numerous essential services including a dietary kitchen, inmate laundry, medical department, indoor/outdoor recreation areas, access to library books/law library, multi-purpose program space and a visiting room to speak with family and friends.

An additional floor contains mechanical and electrical equipment, storage room and a maintenance area. The minimum security and work-release housing units are separate from the maximum security areas of the facility, and unlike the other housing units are equipped with washer and dryer units for use by inmates.   Mail is delivered each business day.

To find and locate further information about an inmate please go to the VINELink website.
 For local resources on mental and physical health please vist Healthy Talbot.

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