Orphans' Court

Welcome to the
Orphans’ Court of Talbot County

About the Orphans’ Court

The Orphans’ Court of Talbot County is established under Article IV, Section 40 of the Constitution of the State of Maryland. It is a court of limited jurisdiction specializing in cases involving disputes about Wills and/or Codicils, the administration of estates, guardianships over property left to minors and protection of minors’ assets. 

Cases heard by the Orphans’ Court of Talbot County involve decedents’ estates which are contested and supervision of those estates which are probated judicially. It approves Accounts and awards personal representatives’ commissions and attorneys’ fees.  The Court also hears disputes over whether a particular claim (debt of the decedent) should be paid from the estate assets.  Further, it has concurrent jurisdiction with the Circuit Court in the guardianships of minors and their property.   

The Talbot County Orphans’ Court meets every Tuesday from 10:00 a.m. to 12 noon. The Register of Wills serves as Clerk to the Court.

Court Location

The Court is physically located in the North Wing of the Talbot County Courthouse, 11 North Washington Street, Easton, Maryland (second floor).

Contact Us

If you are filing Petitions or writing the Court to ask for an extension for filing paperwork in an Estate, the Court will only accept original signatures.

Orphans’ Court for Talbot County
11 North Washington Street
Post Office Box 816
Easton, Maryland 21601

Patricia E. Campen: Register of Wills

Court Contact:
Pamela Fallon, Deputy Register
Direct Line:  410-770-6703

Office of Register of Wills
Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Telephone: 410-770-6700
Fax: 410-822-5452 

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