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Potential Tropical Cyclone Sixteen

Potential Tropical Cyclone Sixteen

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Cone of Storm

Cone of Storm

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Earliest Reasonable Arrival Time

Earliest Reasonable Arrival Time

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Peak Storm Surge

Peak Storm Surge

Last updated September 22, 2023 1:00PM


Talbot County residents and visitors are encouraged to monitor the status of Tropical Storm 16.  The main threats are heavy rainfall, damaging winds, isolated tornados, and tidal flooding. Impacts are expected to begin Friday night and last through Sunday. Damaging winds and heavy rainfall could result in downed trees and power outages. Low-lying and flood-prone areas should expect minor to moderate tidal flooding during high tide cycles throughout the weekend. 

Public Recommendations

Persons should take this opportunity to review general emergency preparedness, check emergency preparedness kits, and standby for potential impacts of this storm on our area. Make sure your homes and families are equipped for downed trees and power outages. Take this time to tie down loose outdoor items. Preparations should be complete by Friday afternoon. Visit or for more information. 

Forecast Remarks

Tropical Storm 16 is moving north at 12 mph and is expected to make landfall in North Carolina on Saturday and be a tropical depression once it approaches Southern MD. We could see 2-3 inches of rainfall, wind gusts up to 40 mph, and sustained winds between 20-30 mph. Rain will begin Friday evening, with the arrival of winds as early as Saturday morning. Minor tidal flooding should be expected along coastal areas during high tide cycles on Saturday and into Sunday.  

Regional Coordination

Talbot County Department of Emergency Services is participating in daily conference calls with the Maryland Department of Emergency Management and the National Weather Service. We have briefed and prepared with our internal partners.  At this time, we are sending out briefings via email/social media. If forecasts change and there is an anticipated greater impact to Talbot County, we will contact our partners regarding future briefings.  

Watches and Warnings

At this time, our area does not have any Tropical Storm Watches or Warnings. The National Weather Services does not anticipate us being issued a Tropical Storm Watch or Warning for this event.  

Forecast information can be found at the below links:

Download the DES app to report down trees, blocked roadways, and see a local traffic and weather map. To post pictures of tidal flooding in your area, download the MyCoast App. Sign up for Talbot County Citizen Alert for the most up to date weather and local alerts at 

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