Administrative Services Launches New Job Opportunities Page


Category: Human Resources

The Talbot County Department of Administrative Services has launched a renovated “Employment Opportunities” page on the County Website. The new page intends to be more accessible, allowing job seekers to search by department or job type to narrow down their search. Once potential candidates have found a job that interests them, they will be able to open to a page directly for that job listing.

“We have many job opportunities that span across multiple departments in the county,” said Director of Administrative Services, Donna Pardieu. “Our department wants to make sure that candidates are finding the positions that we have available. We are hopeful this new filtering will allow potential candidates to find what they are looking for, and the new individual job pages will easily allow peers to share jobs with them.”

The County currently has over 20 open positions, ranging from full-time to part-time spanning nine (9) different departments. Some of the jobs available are seasonal part-time positions, new positions in public safety and technology services, and leadership positions as a result of retirements.

“We are particularly excited about two new positions in Technology Services,” noted Colleen Young, Jobs Coordinator. Formally known as “Information Technology”, the Technology Services Department serves all departments by providing cyber security, hardware and software support, website and server maintenance, and virtual and recorded meeting support.

“The two new positions further recognize the importance of technology specialists to keep our county running smoothly, and safe from cyber threats.”   

Along with the renovated web page, the team plans to run a social media awareness campaign on the recently launched Talbot County Government Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. They are hopeful that the new page will lead to an increased number of quality candidates for County positions. 

Talbot County strives to create an environment which promotes operational excellence, equity, integrity, and professional achievement. For more information on job opportunities, visit

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