Nagle and Edwards Appointed to Key Talbot County Management Positions


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With people across the country working remotely during the pandemic, many people decided to move their primary residences to new locations. Two employees did just that, relocating to the Eastern Shore first for the lifestyle and quality of life and then applying for key management positions with Talbot County government. Joye Nagle was appointed as the County’s new Director of Finance and David Edwards was appointed as its new Director of Human Resources.

“We are so pleased to have these two managers join the County’s leadership team. We are at an important juncture with our finances aligning with our recruitment and retention efforts for key County positions. These individuals bring a wealth of expertise to the table to help us address that,” states Chuck Callahan, Talbot County Council President. Nagle of Trappe was previously the Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of the High Meadows Graduate School of Teaching and Learning, a Master of Education program developed in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As a CPA with over 20 years of experience in budgeting, planning, and financial management, she has worked in government, corporate and non-profit settings, including at Dow Jones and Company and the United States Department of Agriculture. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in accounting from Old Dominion University and an M.B.A. from Rider University.

Nagle, who spent most of her career living in New Jersey, visited St. Michaels when traveling with friends and fell in love with the area. She explains, “We came here annually as a vacation spot and it just clicked. It felt a lot like where I grew up in Virginia. Both my husband and I wanted to live around the water. We always wanted to have something here eventually and the pandemic offered the perfect opportunity to reset our lives.”

“What drew me to the job was wanting to get involved in the community, however, I was also impressed by the prudent fiscal practices and policies in place in Talbot County and to see a local government in this position. I was especially impressed with the team and had positive feelings after meeting them. I am blessed to be able to walk into this situation.”

Clay Stamp, County Manager for Talbot County Government, comments, “We are so fortunate to have Joye here to continue the good work that Angela Lane began in the Finance Office. She brings years of experience and a range of skills to the position and will be a real asset to our management team.”

Edwards of Seaford, DE was working in a global management position when he decided to relocate from New York to the Delmarva Peninsula. He had vacationed at the Delaware beaches and while working remotely during the pandemic, decided he wanted to accelerate his dreams of relocating to the area. Edwards was previously Global Vice President of People with Spellman High Voltage Electronics in Hauppauge, New York, where he built a strong operational model that supported an advancing strategic Human Resources culture. The programs and processes he developed contributed to the highest productivity and revenue in company history. He also held management positions with General Electric Company in Connecticut and New Jersey and at Columbus Regional Health in Georgia. Edwards holds a Master of Science degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Tennessee and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Industrial Relations from Penn State University.

“COVID helped me clarify what I wanted to do with the rest of my life and I decided to make the move to relocate. I am excited about the opportunities to make a difference in this position with Talbot County. Process improvement and employee engagement have both been important in my previous positions and will be important in this job,” Edwards shares.

“The first thing I am doing is surveying our employees about their engagement. It’s all about the people and so far, the Talbot County government approaches its workforce with the same focus. Employees value those who they work with and we can accentuate that in the program development we do to engage people more in their jobs,” Edwards comments.

“David brings a wealth of human resource experience and has implemented creative programs in his previous positions which have made a significant impact on employee job satisfaction and performance. We are thrilled to have his expertise and enthusiasm for his position as the County’s Director of Human Resources,” adds Stamp.


Joye Nagle is the new Director of Finance with Talbot County Government.


David Edwards is the new Director of Human Resources with Talbot County Government.


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