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An audit of the Talbot County Department of Corrections (TCDC) was conducted on September 12-13, 2023 by the Maryland Commission on Correctional Standards, Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services.

After a thorough review, TCDC was found to be in total compliance with all standards of an Adult Detention Center. This is Talbot County’s second time achieving total compliance in the initial audit.

Following the initial audit, the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services released the audit report, that highlights the success of the audit process:

“The Talbot County Department of Corrections Director, administrative team and staff demonstrated a commitment to the audit process through the constant and daily use of the standards for an Adult Detention Center, as an effective management tool…Commitment and dedication was evident based on this facility achieving total compliance with the standards for an Adult Detention Center…The Talbot County Department of Corrections is recommended to receive the Recognition of Achievement Award.”

Terry Kokolis, Director of the Department of Corrections, was thankful to have received 100% compliance. Kokolis has led the department and facility for 5 years after joining the County from Anne Arundel County Department of Detention Facilities; the previous total compliance audit was also under his leadership in 2022, which audited the previous 3 years.

Receiving total compliance on the first visit is no small feat. Often facilities receive notice of several items in non-compliance, attempt to remedy the issues and receive follow-up evaluation.

“The community should know how important this result is. Public safety relies heavily on a secure and successful Corrections system, yet Detention staff is often the forgotten arm of the public safety sphere.” mentioned Kokolis. “And the job is only getting harder, with more responsibility falling to Corrections staff.”

In recent years, there has been an increase in the need for mental health and addiction services. At the time of the audit, almost 40% of incarcerated individuals were receiving mental health counseling or therapy at the facility.

Kokolis sees the toll taking on these additional duties has taken on his staff. This issue was highlighted in the 2023 MACo Winter Conference during a session titled “Correctional Officers as Caregivers”. Staff member Amanda Tondin joined Kokolis during the presentation, emphasizing this point with personal stories.

“Corrections officers are the first line of support for incarcerated individuals needing rehabilitative services. In working with one of the most vulnerable populations in the state, these officers prioritize the health and well-being of those in their care…over taking care of themselves,” mentioned a summary of presentation from MACo.

The audit results demonstrate the hard work and determination of the Corrections staff in keeping the facility in proper condition and staying up-to-date with standards of security procedures, safety of individuals, services for individuals, and administrative duties. They continue to provide their necessary services, despite ongoing hiring challenges and the changing landscape of the incarceration system.

Lt. Christine Fields, Compliance Monitor for the Department, ensures the facility is in compliance and reports on items related to the auditing process. “She is an invaluable member of the team, and we are grateful for her efforts to keep our facility safe for employees and incarcerated individuals,” said Kokolis.

“100% compliance on an audit shows how our facility is managed, and the individual responsibility that each of our employees takes on. I am extremely proud of my team. Despite everything they face each and every day in the Corrections system, they continue to show up, and go above and beyond my expectations.”

The Talbot County Detention Center is located at 115 W. Dover Street Easton, MD 21601. The facility is also the designated central booking location for the county, and is responsible for the intake and processing of all adult male and female offenders arrested in Talbot County.  The facility houses both Pretrial defendants and sentenced incarcerated individuals; the daily incarcerated population is on average 80 individuals. 

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