The Talbot County Council has enacted a temporary burn ban due to drought conditions and extreme heat. For more information, visit

Roads and County Facilities


County Urges Property Owners to Scout for Noxious Weeds

Category: Roads and County Facilities

As a service to Talbot County residents, the Talbot County, in cooperation with the Maryland Department of Agriculture, operates a weed control program to assist farmers, developers, owners of rights-of-way, agencies, and other landowners to control noxious weeds and can provide spot and boom spraying of approved herbicides for a reasonable hourly rate, plus the cost of herbicides used.  Read more

County Seeks Public Opinion on Proposed Vehicle Weight Limit for Black Dog Alley

Category: Roads and County Facilities Public Works

The Talbot County Council introduced Resolution No. 351 on November 14, 2023, which if adopted, will establish a vehicle weight limit on Black Dog Alley, aiming to reduce heavy truck “through traffic” on the road between Cordova Road (MD Route 309) and Dover Road (MD Route 331). Read more

Maryland Department of Transportation Meets with Talbot County

Category: Roads and County Facilities

Maryland Transportation Secretary Paul J. Wiedefeld and other representatives of the Maryland Department of Transportation met today with Talbot County officials to discuss the department's six-year Draft FY 2024-2029 Consolidated Transportation Program. The plan calls for a $21.2 billion, six-year investment to create a safer, cleaner, efficient and accessible transportation system connecting Marylanders to jobs, schools, recreation, health care and services. Read more

Council Address Traffic Concerns

Category: Roads and County Facilities County Council

During their July 25th meeting, the Traffic Advisory Board presented recommendations to Council. Read more

Roads Department Seeking Candidates for Equipment Operations

Category: Roads and County Facilities Human Resources

The Talbot County Roads Department is seeking quality candidates for equipment operations with immediate openings available. Read more

Roads Department Expands Paving Efforts

Category: Roads and County Facilities

Residents may notice a smoother ride while traveling along the County's backroads. More than two miles of new asphalt paving has been laid on Chapel Road, Deep Neck Road, and more recently Rest Circle since March 2021. Read more

Talbot County Government’s Repurposing Center Mitigates Environmental Impact on the Mid-Shore

Category: Repurposing Center Roads and County Facilities

Talbot County’s Repurposing Center outside of Easton creates 25 re-sellable materials for the County to sell to over 113 Mid-Shore haulers, contractors, and municipalities with valid Maryland business licenses. Read more


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